What is Upcycling?

Cycle up …….Change for  Upcycle!
It all started during a holiday flight, our founder Kerstin sat on a plane to London and while watching the flight attendant’s  safety demonstration, she asked herself the all important question; “Why aren’t life jackets recycled?”
UPCYCLING was the key word! The material is High-Tech, Lightweight, Durable and of course Waterproof! The perfect material for bags and accessories she thought! After further research, Kerstin learned that life jackets are discarded after 8-10 years, making them the perfect source for a great new idea.
Now we are proud to say that since 2010 over 145 tons of life jacket material have been saved from landfill using our intelligent upcycling system. We have, in fact, created a circular economy for Aviation safety equipment.