Sustainability is Welcoming

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We want to creatively make the world a better place.
Sustainability should be fun. After more than a decade we still pinch ourselves when looking at the impact we have had. Having fun AND making a difference, we are very proud of this.

Since 2010, we have breathed new life into more than 145 tons of original aviation materials with our B2L and BAG TO LIFE brands. For the environment, this means that we are not just CO2 neutral. We are CO2 NEGATIVE: This means that with our work we have saved over 425000 kg of CO2, which would have been generated by the disposal and incineration of materials. As upcycling experts, we create authentic sustainability and thus credibility.
For example, have you ever thought about your green footprint?
We live this every day to optimize our designs, bringing even more materials into upcycling to avoid polluting the environment. You can be involved by signing up for our newsletter right away! And follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube!

The common good is close to our hearts. We are convinced that a new generation of entrepreneurs are emerging right now, who see economies as households with the resources of nature. Every company should make the world a little better!